One Small Change Integrative Health Coaching Program

Discovery Session

30 minutes

An initial phone or Zoom conversation to answer the following questions:

  • Why is change wanted or needed?

  • What are the top priorities?

  • How satisfied are you with how things are presently going?

  • How important is it to make change?

  • Are you ready to create the life you want?

Integrative Health Coaching Wheel of Transformation
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Phase One: Forging a New Path

8 sessions

A collaborative process that takes place over eight sessions. These sessions take place online, or as available, in the office, your home or a community space, depending on priorities for change.   

  • Uncovers a greater purpose for change.

  • Identifies a vision for a healthier you that aligns with this purpose.

  • Looks at what currently supports your vision and what is missing from the equation.

  • Identifies strengths to support the changes you desire.

  • Considers the important role of the environment as a player in supporting or interfering with change.

  • Develops an initial road map with tangible "markers" of progress.

  • Sets change in motion, including shifting perceptions and building on small successes.

Phase Two: Live & Learn!

6, 9 or 12 sessions


3-6 months

Typically bi-weekly or monthly

Creating new ways of being in our lives takes time and and the opportunity to reflect.

True and lasting change requires persistence, regular adjustments and support.

The best chance for success is through steady, incremental, supported change over a 3-6 month period so you can live your life and make new discoveries about what works for you.

 Our sessions will focus on progress made, strengths, barriers, and lessons learned. Celebrating successes and thinking through roadblocks are infused in each session, as well as planning for next steps.

Sessions are typically 60-75 minutes



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